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Fish Ketoconazole - fish Antibiotics


Fish  Ketoconazole  is a Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Antibiotic.

fish Ketoconazole a comprehensive antifungal antibiotic that treats systemic and topical fungal infections. Made for aquarium use, this medication works to treat ketoconazole-susceptible fungal infections.It is made of Ketoconazole 200 mg. 

the Fish aid sell a  highest quality fish antibiotics available.  Every bottle of Fish Fungus is safety sealed and has directions for aquarium and fish use and clearly marks the medicine expiration date.

At we get 1-2 new shipments of medicine in every week to guarantee that we have the latest expiration dates possible on our fish antibiotics, and as always, place your order before 2 p.m and we'll ship it that day.  

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