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About Fish Antibiotics

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Thefishaid sell several forms of Fish Antibiotics, including: Tablets and Capsules, pure bulk powder jars, and single use powder packets. Every antibiotic is labeled clearly for fish use only and when ordering you should take care to make sure you are choosing the right dosage and medication for your application.

Fish  Antibiotics Forms and Strengths

Fish  Antibiotics in tablets or capsules

The Fish  Antibiotics in tablet or capsule form that we carry are the same USP grade antibiotics produced by pharmaceutical companies that also produce antibiotics for human use. Every capsule or tablet is labeled, imprinted, and often color-coded with a special code that can be used to identify the strength and type of the antibiotic by performing an internet search for the product. Most of the antibiotic tablet and capsules that we carry come in 250 mg or 500 mg strength and in 30 or 100 count bottles. The Dosages and Strengths are for use in ornamental or pet fish only.

Fish  Antibiotics in raw pure powder form

The Pure Powder Fish¬† Antibiotics that we sell are 98-99% pure powder Fish¬† Antibiotics that come in bulk jars and do not contain any fillers or carriers. Fish antibiotic powders come in different strengths based on the type of antibiotic and each is labeled with a ‚Äúper level scoop‚ÄĚ dose amount. Pure Antibiotic Powders are helpful for dosing and administering Fish¬† Antibiotics to fish tanks that are not standard size and may container smaller or larger fish than average fish tanks. They are also useful in situations that require very specific dosing measurements. Because they are in bulk powder form they often cost less than the same medication in pill or capsule form.

Fish Antibiotic Powder in single dose packets

theFishAid has recently created an alternative fish antibiotic packaging from the typical pill or capsule form. Because costs for antibiotics and medications are always rising some medications have unfortunately been discontinued because costs have risen too high.

An alternative to the capsules and tablets are the single use packets of Fish Antibiotics. Each single use packet contains a measured dose of antibiotic powder. This measured powder often corresponds to the exact same amount of medication that was available in capsule or tablet form but is now in a convenient packet per does. The single use packets can easily be added to a fish tank or mixed with fish food and you can be confident that the right amount and dosage is being applied because it has been pre measured.

Care should be taken to ensure that the correct antibiotics, in the right dosing form and the correct strength are being purchased based upon need and application.

Q. What are Fish  Antibiotics?

A. Fish Antibiotics such as Fish Mox Forte are used to treat bacterial infections in fish. The antibiotics that are used to treat fish are the same or similar as the antibiotics that are provided for human use from antibiotic manufacturing companies, depending on type of antibiotic and form. Antibiotic tablets and capsules used for ornamental and pet fish are the same as the antibiotics dispensed from the local pharmacies for human use, except that they are clearly labeled for fish use only, and are not for human consumption.

Q. If the antibiotics for fish are the same as the USP grade antibiotics that are dispensed from human pharmacies then why are should humans not take them also?

A. The law clearly states that any antibiotic for non-human use needs to be labeled as ‚Äúnot for human use‚ÄĚ regardless of application. TheFishaid sources it‚Äôs antibiotics from the same USP grade manufacturing as antibiotics used for humans, but we¬† are not doctors and do not deal in human health problems, or prescription medications.Only a doctor can correctly prescribe antibiotics for specific need in humans. We strongly discourage anyone who wants to take Fish¬† Antibiotics for themselves. Misdiagnosing, or self-treatment and misuse of antibiotics can be harmful to your health and in extreme conditions or allergies could cause death. If you need a medication for yourself please visit a doctor. We take no responsibility in the miss-use of products we sell that are made for animals.

Q. If your Fish¬† Antibiotics are labeled ‚Äúnot for human use‚ÄĚ does that mean I can give them to my dog or cat, or other sick animal?

A. thefishaid sell the antibiotics for fish & birds and those are the medications that we sell. Fish Mox Forte, Fish Flex Forte, Fish Flox Forte, Fish Pen Forte, Fish Mycin, Fish Cin, & Fish Zole are some of the most popular Fish  Antibiotics. While it is true that the antibiotics you may be prescribed at the veterinarians office may be exactly the same as the antibiotics we sell here for fish, it is likely that if your animal is sick enough for antibiotics then they should be under the care of a veterinarian. Dosage, administration, and prescribing medicines for pets other than fish should be done only when consulting with a licensed Veterinarian to make sure that your pet gets the correct medication needed. theFishAid makes no claim to the efficiency or application of its antibiotics in any other animal besides fish, and takes no responsibility in the miss-use of its products made for fish when used in other animals or humans.

Q. Why does the price of antibiotics keep fluctuating, and why have some of the most popular antibiotics been taken off the market lately?

A. Because of the demand for antibiotics in all animals and humans, certain antibiotics will be designated to be sold to the human market first and the animal market secondary, or not at all depending on world supply. Other times a popular antibiotic may be completely removed from the market and replaced with a better, more efficient antibiotic. Antibiotic removal is usually tied to the profits of big pharmaceutical manufacturers and whether that product is viable as an efficient medication or profitable product. If an antibiotic is not selling well in the human market then there is little likelihood it will continue to be produced solely because it is still a good choice for animals. We try our best to maintain stable prices but occasionally some supply shortages and cost increases force us to change our prices or take medications out of stock.

For a full list of the Fish Aid Antibiotics we carry see our product list here