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Fish Flucon - Fluconazole 100 mg Tablets 12 Count Made In USA

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Fish Flucon - Fluconazole 100 mg Tablets 12 Count

Fish Flucon Fluconazole is an antifung al medication used to treat topical and systemic fungal infections in fish. It is used in aquariu ms for treatment of fungus susceptible to fungus like Ichthyophonus hoferi and Saprolegnia fungus.

This product is USP grade and manufactured in the USA

Description: Fish Flucon is an anti fungal medication used for topical and systemic fungal infections in fish. Designed for use in aquariums, this fish medication is effective against the fungus that is susceptible to Fluconazole, such as Ichthyophonus hoofer and Saprolegnia fungus.

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Active Ingredients: Fish Flucon 100 mg

Directions : 

  • Use one tablet 200mg per 25 gallons water
  • Dissolve in small amount of water, add directly into aquarium, pond or hospital tank . 
  • Repeat every 24 hours for 5-10 days, do not exceed 10 days
  • It’s recommended that 1/4 water change be made daily during treatment.


For aquarium and ornamental fish only. Not for human use. This product should not be given to fish intended for human consumption. Keep out of the reach of children and animals. Keep container tightly closed and in a cool dry place. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately.